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Guidelines for Industrial Energy Efficiency

When compared to the energy used in small businesses, industrial buildings consume much, making energy efficiency of a greater need to them. Apart from increasing your utility cost, energy efficiency has an effect on employee’s performance and property value. If your facility pursues energy efficiency, there will be a reduction in energy used in industries and give you high utility saving. Below are tips to help you improve industrial energy efficiency.

Ensure you reflect on the compressed air system. By ensuring that you properly maintain your company’s compressed air system, you will have taken a very vital step of helping you to increase industrial energy efficiency. Systems that are not well maintained lose a lot of energy, a factor that makes you incur very high costs. You should keep compressed air at its required pressure in order to cut down on energy usage. Moreover, if you do not need compressed air, low-pressure blowers and fans are a good option to keep energy costs down.

Make sure you factor in lighting. Even though lighting contributes to low percentages of energy consumption, you have to upgrade them in order to attain industrial energy efficiency. When lights are being installed, it is important that a timer is used to enable outdoor lights to automatically turn off during the day hours. In addition, indoor and outdoor lights should be replaced with compact fluorescent lights. Work areas should be put next to windows so that natural light can be taken advantage of. In addition, ensure occupancy sensors are installed so that they can automatically turn the lights off should the rooms have no occupants.

You should put HVAC into consideration. HVAC uses approximately 30% of your company’s energy. Before settling on replacing your HVAC, you need to know the amount of energy that actually gets used up by your company’s HVAC system. Ensure you implementing all-encompassing energy saving techniques to help in saving energy. Set zones that can turn off exhaust fans that are not needed and control temperature of spaces during the night. A dehumidification component should be added to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of your company. Additionally, you should go for an energy recovery ventilation system with which the waste energy from exhaust can be put into use of conditioning the air.

Check the motors. Motors consume up to 70% of business energy thus a good place, to begin with, to realize industrial energy efficiency. Ensure you use a motor whose size align with the load drive curve. Moreover, adding capacitors help in enhancing input powers and lowering voltage imbalances. When riding off the old equipment; you should acquire motors of high efficiency. Install speed drives you can adjust as load changes. If you add these changes, you will be efficient in energy consumption.

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