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Facts About Coral Reefs You Did Not Know Coral Reef

Coral reefs form a major part of issues affecting the health of the world although the form just a small amount of percentage on the ocean floor of about 1% and are the most colorful part of the world. They form only 1% of the ocean basement, but the coral reef good effect affects the whole ocean, and in turn, it affects the world. This article will talk about facts about coral reefs you did not know coral reef.

It is important to note that coral reefs as widely speculated are not plants but they are animals and they formed a very close family with the jellyfish and the anemones. A major factor to remember is that the coral reefs, unlike other animals, make food through photosynthesis. although the coral reefs polyps do not make food through photosynthesis, it uses our algae which are very microscopic living within the cell of the digestive system of the polyps. Polyps attack their prey through tentacles which are embodied in their system, enabling them to gain the remaining 10%. As scientists continue to do researchers differently introducing meeting it was found that coral groups among many other foods given where attracted more micro plastics and they enjoyed.

The biodiversity seen in the coral reefs is unique this is because of the house more than a million species that live inside them. The biodiversity comes in with the fact that the coral reefs are a good harbor for reproducing, mating, finding food and shelter makes it a beautiful place for many species. The large fish species also take advantage of the biodiversity offered by the coral reefs to allow them to grow hence accommodated in a safe environment before joining the rest in the deeper ocean. The advantages that come with coral reefs is the fact that dentists have discovered medicine which is emanating from the sources used to cure various diseases including cancer, heart diseases, arthritis among many other.

The coral reefs are significant in the fishing and tourism industries, as well as protecting shorelines from storm damage even though 60% of the coral reefs are threatened by human activity. Coral reefs are unique in such a way that they have a hardcover this is due to the polyps and organism in inside the coral reef which is soft but has had the base. Intensive growth coral reefs appreciate a place where the current is strong beside to the wave patterns by this they make food attracting animals which take advantage of the supply.