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Examples Autism Quotes that Will Make You Think

A majority of individuals do not acknowledge autism as a disorder. These people react badly to their fellow members of the society negatively. This has bad effects as it may send a message to the suffering individuals that they are not accepted in the community. The following quotes will help you change your perspective about autism.

The key quote by Steve Silberman states that people with autism are humans. Many people think that anyone suffering from autism does not deserve human treatment. There is a great misconception in our media and written literature that people with autism are not humans. People with autism are part of us and must be embraced properly. This means that autism should be accommodated as an essential disability. This is a great quote by Silberman reminding us on the importance of accepting one another, even those diagnosed with autism.

The next by Scott Badesch, stresses that people with autism must also be given an opportunity to work and become successful. It is important to ensure that people with autism are given an equal job opportunity for success. All the stumbling blocks should be removed in the way of these people. Whether it is a job or education opportunity, autism patients must be given an equal opportunity like any other members of the society. We will have value to the quality of lives for people with autism if we consider them for education and work opportunities. People with autism is the focus of this point when it comes to education and job opportunities.

It is important to note that autism requires a key focus. Based on Evan Rodgers testimony, he may have not reached this far if he wasn’t neurotypical. The social aspect is what this scholar used to think about all the time. All the success that Evan Rodgers has witnessed today can be attributed to autism. If it was not for autism, he wouldn’t have made it to this point. This an encouragement to the rest of the world that you can still achieve great things in life with the autism condition.

According to Clare Scovell, parents must demonstrate their love for children suffering from autism. Parental love must be shown to all our children even if they may be suffering from BlueSprig Autism. It is worth noting that there is no better child that is hiding behind this disease, but the one in front of you must be shown, love. All your love should be on the child you have at the moment regardless of their condition. It is our responsibility to cheer their strengths and celebrate their quirks, and even work harder to better their weaknesses. This quote remind parents of their responsibility to love their children even if they are suffering from autism.