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A Guide on How to Use Your Smartphone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

You never know when you may need the internet, but you may be disappointed when you turn on your Wi-Fi, but there are no public connection or the available ones are limited. You may not know this, but as long as you have a new generation smartphone, you can always create an accessible Wi-Fi hotspot through it.
It is possible to connect up to five Wi-Fi compatible devices to the internet via your mobile phone portable hotspot feature as long as you have an internet bundle. This connection process is called tethering and is unique in different mobile phone operating systems. If you are on an android device here are the simple commands you can use to set up your portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Do this by clicking on settings on your phones screen, scroll down to the wireless and networks command, click on more which will bring on your screen more options from which you are to choose tethering and portable hotspot settings.
Once you are at the tethering and hotspot display on your screen, you can easily name and secure your portable Wi-Fi hotspot with a password of your choice as a unique identity feature. After the set-up is done, any Wi-Fi enabled device can connect to the hotspot and access the internet after bypassing as security firewall via the password you created during the set-up.
iPhone devices use IOS operating systems, and the hotspot setting is slightly different from that of the Android device operating system. From the settings app on your screen, choose mobile data from where you tap on the personal hotspot button and turn in on. The use of the personal hotspot is only made possible if you activate your Bluetooth as prompted by the device. If it is the first time you have to set up a password as prompted by the iPhone operating system which will be used by individuals connecting their devices to your network. As you secure a connection, you choose the name of the iPhone device with an active personal hotspot and enter the password you coined during the setup process.
Here are some steps of boosting the browsing speed of the portable hotspot set up. You can easily optimize your phone by closing all the apps running in the background when your phone is on standby as this reduces the phones stain on its processing power. While you are on tethering, you ought to avoid multimedia use on your phone as it eats up more of your bandwidth and causes a go slow on all other uses engaged with the connection.
To conclude, make sure that the tethering is set to metered if it will be used with a windows computer. This inhibits automatic data consumption via updates or synchronization with google drive and you can read about these services on websites.