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Finding the Ideal Option for Your Company Between DAS Wireless and Cell Phone Boosters
If your office building has a problem with the signal it may cause a lot of inconveniences and nuisances. It is essential that you rectify the situation as it will ensure that communication is effective and boost the productivity in the office. The staff in your business when they have better connectivity to the internet tend to be 16 percent more productive. It is recommendable therefore that you try to find a quick answer if your building has weak signals. You have to options when it comes to such solutions, you may want to acquire a cell phone boosters or the DAS wireless. Be keen when making going for any of the options because there are vital variances between them. With significant alterations between them the chances of making the wrong decision. If you are confused on what would be the right option for you, we have compiled sufficient info to help you identify one that would suit your business better.
When it comes to the DAS wireless, it is a large system made of a lot of antennas that are usually linked together and done in a wide space. It is a good option for commercial use as it improves cellular connectivity. It offers strong and decent reception, and put in place a single-carrier signal. Going for these options means you will have to install the system permanently to the electronic outfit in your office. It is mainly used for large commercial spaces like arenas airfields. One should look at a lot of elements including installation cost and time and more.
On the other hand, the cell booster provide reception by utilizing antennas that receive or pull signals from the close cell towers. The cell phone booster can work in the opposite direction meaning that they can capture your phone’s cell signal and intensify them and transmission them to the antenna outside your office. The external antenna transmit the cell signals to the cell towers. The installation will amplify the cell signals more than 32 times of the original strength. It is the ideal option to improve the collaboration of workers. That is why it is a preferred solution for those in medical industry and also those in offices.
If you are looking for a cheaper option, you would prefer the cell phone boosters as they are less costly compared to the other choice. The DAS is costlier because you have to fix a lot of fiber optic cables and they will need a lot of materials to fix properly without consuming space, but on the brighter side you are going to incur such expenses once since it is a permanent fixture. Furthermore, the installation time differ the DAS will take up to a year to install and the shortest time is six months and not the right choice for an urgent solution – the cell phone boosters will take an average of 6 weeks.