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What Are The Best Beaches in San Francisco That You Should Visit These Days

If you are one of those people who like going to the beach, then make sure that you visit San Francisco One of the reasons why people like going to the beach in San Francisco year by year is because of the beauty of their beaches there. Read more here for the entire details.

It is like going to a place where there are many beautiful views that you cannot see elsewhere.

If you think you have been very busy the last couple of days, now is the time for you to consider this and have time for your self. Indeed, it is a perfect time for people to do a lot of different activities such as diving, swimming, snorkeling and a lot more.

Read more here to learn more details about the best beaches in San Francisco that you can consider going.

After reading this article, for sure, you will be so excited to begin. Get ready all your tools and equipment as you head to the beaches in San Francisco.

The most famous beaches in San Francisco is the Stinson Beach because of its marvelous view and clean water. What makes this beach famous these days is because it is near some tourist spots in San Francisco.
This means that it is like an hour drive away from the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. If you happen to visit this location, make sure you come here and enjoy the scenery.

Although the bridge is really near from this location, you would actually be amazed by how quiet and serene the Stinson beach is. It has been famous as one of those beaches where people can say their best-kept secrets. In fact, coming here is like visiting your favorite park.

In fact, people come here just to see sea creatures within the location, such as dolphins and other sea animals. They come visit and see the tourists too to allure them. It is even a perfect location for you to have a picnic with your loved ones. It is also the best place for you to taste local food near here because of the local eateries located here.

You must also consider going to Fort Funston Beach Walk.
It is actually one of the best places to find if you have pets with you.

If you love hiking in natural parks, then the Fort Funston Beach Walk is like that and it is perfect for strolling and jogging. One of the reasons why people of today visit this place is because they know that this place has many woodland creatures that are enticing. For more info about these woodland creatures and what they do, read more here.

In your list should also be the Bolinas Beach. More and more people come to this beach bay for a lot of different reasons, and if you want to know why read more here.