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Guidelines of Training your Cat

Sometimes, the thought of training a cat may seem overwhelming, or even impossible to you. You can rely on the best dog shock collar to train your cat. The following is how you can train the cat.

You need to start with shaking hands with your hands. If you want to effectively shake hands with your cat, you need to get down to the same level as that of the cat. You need to have a clicker and a treat of some kind, then tap the cat’s paw while asking them to shake. Once the cat moves its paw, use the clicker. You can do this repeatedly until the cat can recognize the voice. You need to get the best dog shock collar for such training. Mouth commands may as well be used to train dogs and cats as well. For example, you can decide to make a unique sound while feeding the cat and doing it repeatedly. As time goes by, the cat will have internalized the command and they will start responding to them.

Also, you should use the best dog shock collar to restrain the pet from running away while you are training them. You need to train the cat to sit on command. If you have ever trained a dog to sit, then you can easily train a cat to do it as well. Place the treat slightly above the cat’s head so that the cat will be straining to reach the treat forcing it to sit. You can maintain the cat in that position by maintaining them using the treat and clicker or a good kitty as reinforcement. You can decide to make use of leashes to train your cat just like dogs are trained. This is the best assurance you got that that your cat will not disappear while you take it for a small walk. You are supposed to find a harness to use on the cat, and you need to attach it on the back and not the neck of the cat. The harness should then be left on the cat’s back for as long as the cat will feel comfortable with it. You can then introduce the leash and the best dog shock collar, then start with a silent outing.

Finally, you need to train the cat to beg. You will notice that this trick is more or less the same as that of shaking hands. You need to make the cat to stand on its hind limbs by holding the treat above its head. You can then keep saying beg as the cat tries to reach the treat, and the cat will learn to do it on command. Provided you have the right dog shock collar to use, there are several tricks you can train your cat on.