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What are the Tell Tale Signs your Partner is not Enjoying Sex?

Are you or your partner getting satisfied once you have sex? Most of the women over 62% have reports not to get satisfied when they are having sex with their spouses. Do you have an indication that your partner is not getting satisfied sexually? Then there is need to look for solutions to curb the problem, read more here.

One way to know that your partner is never happy is if you lack feedback and they will completely shut down, some will be unable to talk of the experience and opt to keep quiet.

Talking is not the only sign that shows your partner is not satisfied, but if there is no physical feedback, then you know they could not be in it fully., read more here.

There is an exact opposite to perfect communication and that is when the partner over compliments ,instead of them shutting down they will go on the overdrive and over compliment you and this comes out as they are controlling, read more here.

Over feedback often comes out as the other partner is trying to take over the act or control the situation, if they are mentally engaged then it means they are not enjoying sex.

Lack of cuddling is a sign that you are not in a healthy and strong relationship, if there is no kissing and cuddling then you are not satisfied with each other, read more here.

When you are through with sex that is the time when couple are more physically attracted each other, there is cuddling, kissing and these are telltale signs that you are in a better relationship.

If you notice your partner is not interested in making love or they are ignoring those unspoken signs to start on lovemaking, it means that they are not happy and it is bad sign that they are not happy.

One hint that you can tell is when your partner does not want to tell you something straight forward and you will be left guessing like speaking of their friends hot sex game.

The advantage of this sign is that you can ask your spouse to ask their friends what makes their sex hot, take this advantage and pick more.

If you are in the lovemaking but somehow feel like you are the only one who came to the party, then it is a clear sign that your partner is checked out and not interested and they are not having a wonderful time, read more here.

If you realize that your partner is racing you to the finish line, it is a clear indication that they are not interested in lovemaking making sex become a chore rather than a pleasurable act to satisfy you.