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There are countless online casinos for punters to play on that have been opened ever since the first was opened years back. There are some that came up but didn’t survive much in the market having been shut down by the authorities.

As a matter of fact, just as it is a plague affecting other industries, the online gambling scene has as well had its fair share of unscrupulous capitalists who venture into it, as crooked as they happen to be, seeking to rip-off the unsuspecting public of their money. As such you need to stand aware of the fact that not all online casinos you will come across online are run by honest people. There have been reported sure worrying numbers of punters who have gotten scammed and have seen their monies go down the drain. As such, the million dollar question when it comes to online gambling is how does one tell of a good online casino? Read on and see some of the things that will help you identify some of the trustworthy online gaming sites.

First and foremost, check out licensing and government approval for the site. In any case you happen to come across a site that has not been licensed, walk away. Where they happen to be licensed, make further inquiries and search to know who it is that actually gave them their licenses. By and large, there are a number of the regulators for online casinos and licensing authorities and as for the one that will be responsible for the particular online casino you may have spotted already is dependent on the state of your residence or the jurisdiction. You need to bear in mind the fact that there is such a need for the gambling licensing and licenses as they get to protect gamblers playing online from being treated unfairly at the site and as such you stand best advised playing only on such sites that are duly licensed.

Talking of some of the other things that you need to take into consideration s you review the best of the online gambling sites to play on, you find the need to look at the portfolio of games and the payment options as well.

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