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Physical Consequences Of Drug Use The Body

The Substances and medications that we ingest into our bodies can directly affect our appearance. Drug abuse may sell you out since the looks may fade away. When you are on drugs be sure that your appearance is going to change, and people are going to notice that you can’t hide it. You want to know how your appearance will be, check out what it will be like with the use of certain drugs.

First, changes in the skin tone. You get a pink tone when you abuse alcohol, this comes about when alcohol opens up your blood vessels, and you will experience this. On the other hand drugs like heroin or meth cause dullness in the skin tone. With continued use of these drugs expect your skin tone to change over time.

As you abuse drugs you will have problems arising from skin irritations. With the use of some drugs you often develop wounds. If you are abusing met or heroin then you will have to scratch yourself so bad. As you scratch yourself, you feel a lot of pain and with that going on your skin eventually beaks. Also scratching and picking leads to larger scrabs on the face and the body which may, in turn, cause acne and irritation. Your body will look like it’s broken, and you will hate it for real.

Tooth decay can be another problem arising from drug abuse. Some drugs like heroin lower the blood pressure and affect the blood flow this can cause roots of your teeth to get an insufficient supply of blood, hence roots die, and teeth rot. With your teeth decayed already you cannot hide that we all see that. Mouth conditions are other critical effects that are quite noticeable. Your oral health also declined drug abuse. For example alcohol users are faced with a problem whereby the level of acid is increased in their mouth and with this happening, the soft tissues in the mouth are affected. On the other side, meth mouth would come up here the mouth breath becomes awful, teeth get stained, and ulcers develop in the mouth.

As if that is not enough we have weight loss and weight gain. Some drugs like cocaine deprive your appetite, and thus you become underweight. Heroin, on the other hand, reduces the levels of healthy fats in your body, you lose weight too. Alcohol increase your body weight since it opens up your blood vessels the body swells overtime, and you gain a lot of weight. Hair loss is another effect. For instance use of steroids cause hair on your head to disappear but develop on the chest.