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Why Mulch is Important

Mulch is defined as a layer put to the surface of a farm for reasons like weed control, soil water conservation and boost soil fertility. The following are some benefits of mulch.

Obviously, many farmers opt for mulch to conserve the soil moisture and allow normal growth of plant despite the harsh weather condition. Soil moisture is trapped and returned back into the soil in water form by mulch through soil temperature regulation. Mulch help farmers carry on their farming activities even during the time when the amount of rainfall is low. Temperature of the soil moist is reduced to the point of converting to water before it escapes into the atmosphere.

The top fertile soil is usually protected from all forms of soil erosion through rainwater or wind. Agents of erosion carry away loose top fertile soil leaving behind infertile hard soil. Soil erosion causes the farm to become barren because of the lack of fertile topsoil. Unproductive farm is useless to a farmer since no crop can do well in it due to lack of ingredients. Agent of soil erosion like the wind which carries away loose soil. It is more difficult to dig a land that has been eroded and hard pan left behind.

The use of mulching on a farm improves the fertility. The decomposition of mulch turns the mulch into manure which increases the soil fertility. When mulch decomposes and turns into manure, your farm’s fertility is improved for free unlike purchasing expensive inorganic fertilizers. Mulch also decomposes and regulate the soil PH which is favorable for plant growth.

Weed control is another benefit of using mulch in your farm. When the mulch is laid on the surface of the soil, it reduces the supply of some components necessary for seed germination. Germination of a seed is facilitated by air, water, warmth, and minerals. In order to effectively prevent weed germination, it is good to use a lot of mulch which can prevent any penetration of air.

The fifth benefit of using mulch in your farm is that mulch is very cheap and affordable. Mulch does not require specialized skills to prepare. Industrial mulch is cheap and the delivery is made to your farm.

Sixth, you can use mulch a way of decorating your farm or land. Decoration by mulch is usually done using river stone. Properties of river stones like color make them ideal decorative mulch.

Organic mulch does not have negative impacts on the environment. Decomposed mulch turns into manure that helps the soil retain the soil water and allow easy penetration of plant roots.

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