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Classical Shoes of All Time

Generally, fashion tends to change as time passes. However, in some situations, certain fashions are so unique, diverse, iconic, that they remain popular throughout generations. This situation perfectly describes sneaker fashions. It is important to note that throughout ages certain types of shoes have gained popularity some for obvious reasons while others not for reasonable purposes. This article, thus, highlights the various types of sneakers that have remained exemplary as time passes.

One of the sneakers that have been exemplary in the fashion world despite time moving is the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. It is nearly impossible to state how Converse Chuck Taylor has become as time passes. Created in 1922, they were initially designed to be worn as basketball shoes. Actually, all through the 1960s, they were the most prominent shoes in the game. Even they lost fame during the 1970s, Converse Chuck Taylor where the favorite shoes in the market again during the 1980s, this time around many people loved them because they had a retro vintage design. After their re-invention, Converse Chuck Taylors have been worn by many kinds of people including children, adults, ladies, men, sports personalities, music artists and everybody in between. In simple, terms it is important to note that Converse Chuck Taylors are the best sneakers and have become the most recognizable sneakers of all time.

The second category of shoes that have ruled the fashion world for many years re Dorothy’s Sparkling Red Slippers. When the movie Wizard of Oz was produced in the year 1939, it was one of the best production in the film industry at that time. Owing to the great following this movie had, much of its imagery has also become popular. Today, no one bit of Wizard of Oz symbolism is more notable than Dorothy’s Sparkling red shoes. The pair of sneakers is one of the most sought out pieces of movie memorabilia in existence. There are few pairs floating around, and one made headlines when it was sold or two million dollars in 2015. Despite not being the reason why many children worn red slippers, they are still exemplary in many ways.

The third type of iconic shoes of all time this outlet is the Adidas Superstars. With the development of hip-hop music in the 1980s, there was a need for a visual aesthetic to be developed to recognize this brand of new music. This aesthetic was conveyed quickly when Run-DMC hit the big time middle of the decade. Group members donned matching garments, including pail caps, gold chains, jumpsuits, and to wrap things up Adidas Superstar shoes. Run-DMC’s style of fashion was copied by many hip-hop fans all over the world. It did not take many years to see people from various countries wearing Superstars.