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Benefits of Seeking an Early Diagnosis for Dementia

Different sicknesses and injuries are the ones responsible for causing dementia. Dementia is caused by different sicknesses and injuries. Dementia is usually in different forms. There is the vascular dementia that is caused by poor circulation of blood in the brain. In this case, there is buildup of plaque in the arteries that supply blood to the brain. Another common type of dementia is the Lewy body dementia. In this form of dementia, proteins are usually deposited in the nerve cells. In this case, the brain finds it hard to send chemical signals and this causes memory loss and lost messages. The Parkinsons disease is another common form of dementia. Irritability, depression and paranoia are some of the conditions that are associated with this form of dementia.

Dementia has four stages involved. The mild-cognitive impairment is the first stage of dementia. The people in this stage experience memory loss and trouble recalling words in the short term. Mild dementia is the second stage of dementia and patients in this case function as usual. These patients however dont know how to solve problems and they also experience depression. The next stage is the moderate dementia where patients are not able to do their daily activities. The patients in this stage face drastic personality changes and they have significant memory loss. Severe dementia is the last stage of dementia and in this stage, patients cannot do normal body functions like eating.

You may understand that someone has dementia by checking on various symptoms. People with dementia forget familiar places and they also lose their sense of direction. It is hard for patients with dementia to accept changes and this is another common symptom. They also find it hard to recall and even associate words. Patients of dementia also forget the things they had done and this makes them keep doing the same things.

There are various causes of dementia. For instance toxins and metabolic disorders like issues with the liver can cause dementia. If your brain is having structural issues, you may experience dementia. However dementia can be treated and this is always an added advantage. Daily task management therapy is one of the ways in which you can treat dementia like visit Seasons Memory Care. In this case, this is very useful when it comes to managing the daily functions of patients.

Dementia can also be treated through environmental modification. This gives you a chance to eliminate noise and clutter and this is good because you will be reducing the common causes of dementia. Occupation therapy is also another form of treating dementia. In this case, you can teach daily tasks to the patient like driving and cooking. You will be able to help your loved one with dementia when you understand the causes and symptoms of dementia.