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Strategies to Consider When Your Motorbike Fails to Start

You are likely to feel disappointed if you have already suited up for a bike ride, but you realize your motorcycle’s engine will not start. Your first worry will be what could be the problem with the machine. In case you realize your bike has failed to start, it is necessary to attempt some simple methods to solve the problem. Keep reading this page to learn more strategies you should keep in mind to achieve excellent performance.

You should begin by checking out whether there could be something blocking the exhaust or air intake path. Remember to consult your manual, so it can help you evaluate the issue affecting your exhaust pipe. You will be surprised that something could be blocking your exhaust. Solving the issue yourself will help you avoid the costs you would have incurred with a mechanic. In addition, you will not be late for your destination since you will not need to wait for a technician to come and solve your problem.

Maybe it has been long since you charged your battery. Try whether your bike’s light can turn on or whether you can honk. If you realize these functions are down, maybe your battery is dead. You need to replace your regular battery with your spare. It is noteworthy that the 2-wheeled bikes only start using the battery. If your primary battery has a low charge, you should seek an alternative at least to help you start the motorcycle.

Check the engine cut-off. Most of the bike riders use the ignition key to switch off their bikes. Nevertheless, you have the option of using the engine kill-switch. Make sure to check whether the switch located on the engine is on in case you realize that the bike will not start. In some cases, you may forget to switch on the kill-switch if you rarely use it. In case someone else was driving your motorcycle last, he may have used the kill-switch that you rarely use. Different people used different tactics to switch off their motorcycles.

You also need to consider the possibility that your motorcycle is not starting because it has no fuel Some people often forget to refuel bikes after a long and tiresome ride. In addition, it can be difficult for you to know whether your fuel is running out in case your fuel gauge is broken.
Consider mounting your bike on a stand and then agitate it to determine whether the tank has adequate fuel. The sloshing sound of the remaining fuel can assist you in determining the amount of fuel you have. On the contrary, consider using a bright light to light up inside the tank to determine the amount of fuel remaining.