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Interesting Facts That Everyone Needs to Know About Daylight Saving Time
For anyone that feels that DST is not such a great idea for the modern people, they should understand that it did not start yesterday or some few years back but as long as 100 years ago all thanks to the farmers that fought for the same at the time. Even though DST was invented to improve the quality of life, most farmers suffered so much that they had to annul the following year after being started in America in 1918 with some of the effects on agriculture being in the dairy sector whereby the cows failed to be ready to get milk at the right time. Most people’s love for agriculture, however, helped to revoke the act one year later even though it came back permanently in the ’60s which makes it part of our daily routine today. For those that are not so familiar with DST, this article will be of great use as it explains some of the significant facts that everyone should know about it and reasons why we skip the 2 am hour every year in March.

The biggest facts about DST that people ought to understand is in the part ‘Saving’ which is mostly confused for savings all the time. Even though it sounds so weird to most people, it is ‘Daylight Saving Time’ especially for those that are so much used to the plural version of the same. Anyone facing difficulties in calling the name right should not worry as long as their clocks are accurate.

It is also vital to note that DST starts at different times for different countries depending on its location which is why it resumes on the second Sunday of March in America and the last Sunday of the same month is when people in the UK shift to Big Ben and the other clocks. While there are so countries in the world today follow the same schedule as that of the UK, there are also others in the Northern Hemisphere that do not observe the same completely.

It is also almost impossible to believe that not every state in the US observes DST with the most popular ones being Arizona and Hawaii. The reasons why Arizona chose to opt out for DST is because it felt no need to have extra sunlight. As we all know, Hawaii is located near the equator which explains why it does not make any sense trying to fight for an extra daylight hour as well.