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Rules and Regulations on Marijuana in the various American States

Over the years, marijuana has been overhauled, and proposals have come that it should not be consumed for effects it has on the society in general. In many countries, the marijuana plant and other products made from it have been banned in the relevant markets, and so anyone caught having any of those should be punished thoroughly by the law. However, all these are behind schedule because there are some laws in the US that have de-criminalized and therefore marijuana can be consumed in many states there. However, since these states are under different management and leadership, the laws differ and so when you visit them, you should live by the standing orders. You can take a close look at the various states so that you can know the one with friendlier laws so that you can decide where to visit at a given moment. Therefore I will highlight some rules and regulations about cannabis in the various states in America.

In Alaska, marijuana was legalized in 2015, and so you are free to buy from one place but ensure you do not resell because the state does not allow that, only for personal use. Again, one must be twenty-one years of age for you to smoke marijuana while at Alaska and so you must follow those directives if you want to be on the safe side. Since the time weed was legalized in Alaska, the state has made tremendous developments that have impacted on the country at large.

Secondly, marijuana was first legalized in California in the mid-1990s, and the laws have spread out across the states even though they might change on a local basis. The content of weed smoked should not exceed eight grams to avoid having extremely effective repercussions and therefore this has maintained a healthy society in the state. When it comes to the growth laws, you realize that people are allowed to grow only six plants per household and only those above the age of twenty-one years as well are allowed to smoke.

Thirdly, one of the states that have legalized the consumption of marijuana to a great extent is Colorado, and since its inception in 2012 into the state, laws have been loosening to suit the demands of the people. You can, therefore, buy and use marijuana freely and so you can conveniently engage in the trade to earn a living.

In Massachusetts, one can conveniently walk around with marijuana and other products, and the situation in Maine is heading here with time. Massachusetts case is similar to that in Michigan, and so you can conveniently survive there whether you need marijuana for personal use or resale.