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How to Use Words of Healing in A Memorial Service

Words are often not enough to offer comfort when someone has lost a loved one or a friend. The pain of loss can also not be removed by any words. However, during the memorial service, there are words of healing that you can use to make the grieved person feel understood and supported. If you are not sure on what to say during this time, it is better to do a little bit of research It is during a memorial service that the grieving person gets to express their respect and sentiments about the deceased person hence it is a crucial time for them. Therefore, when given an opportunity to speak in a memorial service, you’re supposed to give your thoughts and feelings about the gone loved one.

Since this is an emotional season, it can be hard to come up with the right words to say in a memorial service. It is therefore essential to prepare on what you will say before that time. You may feel like you are ready with what to say, but during that time, emotions and grief could overcome you hence forgetting what you were supposed to mean. It is good to remember all the memories you had with the dead. Through the family members, friends, videos and old photos, you can be able to get more memories. After getting all this inspiration, take a note card and write them from the thickest part of your heart.

With the word you choose, you need to show the grieving person how much you care and are ready to offer any help since no word can make them feel better. Use personal statements to them or even the deceased. For example, let the mourner know how sorry you are for their loss and that it is not going to be easy, but they will not be alone in it. You can also say how the deceased was a great person who touched people with their lives. You can also choose to incorporate funeral poems, or quotes in your memorial speech.

It is also during a memorial service that you get to celebrate the life of the person that has left as well as saying final goodbyes to them. Therefore, using these inspirational words in a memorial service, you will be assisting mourners through their grieving journey. Remember to keep them short and sentimental. It is only through a memorial service that you will get a chance to celebrate and say goodbye to the dead person. This is, therefore, the last chance for you to share your feelings and thoughts with the mourners as a way of healing and also in the remembrance of the deceased person.