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Avoid These Mistakes During Your First Year in the Business.
One of the most important time of your business is the first year because it is during this year that you’ll be able to know whether you are making it in your business, or you are going to close the doors to it. Just like a child who is learning how to walk stumbles and falls, you will also stumble some few times in your business before you succeed, and it is during this first year that you will have failures and successes altogether. In many cases your first year will be either a make it or break it time, and so it is important for you to put your efforts on your business to ensure that you succeed in it. There are many mistakes that many business people do during the first year of their business and you should discover more here in this article where we are going to discuss some of those mistakes and some of the best ways that you can avoid those mistakes.
1. Viewing yourself like an employee.
One of the most important thing that you need to do when you are running your business is to know that you are different from your employees, and you should separate yourself from them because your business will need more time from you. Considering that your employees will have a specific time that they are supposed to leave work, this should not apply to you because there will always be extra work that needs to be done from you as a business owner, to ensure that your business is running efficiently and you are getting more from it. You should also be prepared to carry some paperwork home, receive endless phone calls from your clients when you are at home, and be prepared to be the last to close the doors of your business as well as to open them. As you pay your employees, you will also not be able to pay yourself during the first few months, because it is during this first year that you need to give your business time to grow.
2. Insufficient funds in your business.
Apart from the funds that you will use to start your business; that is the capital, you will also need other finances to sustain your business for the first few months. It doesn’t mean that your business will fail when you have these funds, but rather it is just a measure of safety in case anything happens during the first year of your business.