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Real Facts about Dementia and Alzheimers.

Alzheimers and dementia are not the same even though these diseases may sound similar and symptoms could also rhyme. Once you have taken it upon yourself to read this blog, you will notice the difference that exists. You must note that there is a considerable number of individuals suffering from dementia’s and research has shown that this is about 50 million people. It is true that dementia is associated with the aging effects, but this does not affect younger adults in most cases. You must understand that there are many people in Australia who have been observed to struggle with early-onset dementia and this is bad when it is not well treated in advance.

One of the biggest misconceptions about dementia is the fact that this is the same as Alzheimers and this should be noted that it is not true. You will be able to realize that these conditions are not similar despite the fact that some people are still of the opinion that they are the same. Once you have decided to read this blog, you are assured that you will understand more about this condition. Once you have understood that there is difference between dementia and Alzheimers, you will note that dementia is not a disease. You learn dementia is a syndrome that is connected with the memory, and you should make sure that you understand this.

Though dementia is not a disease, you are assured that Alzheimers is a progressive memory disease. In addition, as you read this you will note that not everyone who has dementia will suffer from Alzheimers and you should ensure that you have this in mind. There are many types of dementia, and you must realize that a person could suffer from a kind of dementia and not suffer from Alzheimers. Just as the number of dementia types is high, you should understand that there are many causes of dementia. Though dementia could be caused by the age, you should realize that this could also be caused by a traumatic brain injury.

In addition, you could also have people who suffer from illnesses that will affect their nervous system, and this will lead to dementia. It is quite difficult to inherit Alzheimers but research has shown a high possibility of having dementia inherited, It is said that a person can suffer from more than one dementia and this has been proven as according to the recent research that has been done recently. One of the most important things you must be aware of is the fact that dementia has different symptoms and they are going to vary from one person to another.

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